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Rubber hollow Mat

Rubber hollow Mat

At REGIUS COIR INDUSTRY, our rubber hollow mats epitomize a blend of robust construction and efficient drainage, offering a reliable solution for various environments, from commercial spaces to outdoor areas.

Crafted from premium-grade rubber, our hollow mats are engineered for durability and resilience. The hollow design ensures flexibility without compromising on strength, allowing the mats to endure heavy foot traffic and diverse weather conditions without wear or deformation.

The unique hollow structure of these mats facilitates efficient drainage, quickly channeling water, mud, or debris away from the surface. This feature prevents water accumulation, making the mats suitable for outdoor areas, pool sides, or locations prone to moisture.

Rubber hollow Mat Features

  • Durable Rubber Construction.
  • Efficient Drainage.
  • Slip-Resistant Surface.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Non-Deforming Structure.
  • Quality Assurance.

Elevate your spaces with REGIUS COIR INDUSTRY's rubber hollow mats – where durability meets drainage efficiency. Experience the combination of robustness and functionality, ensuring a safe, slip-resistant, and water-draining solution for diverse environments.


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